Micellar Water + Cleansing Pads


We’ve put it in a bundle- Limited time only
Imagine a cleansing water formulated to sweep away grime and impurities. It’s light, silky, effortlessly hydrating and kindly exfoliates the skin. It’s formulated with active ingredients, distilled from nature, reawakened by science, to fade hyper-pigmentation while preserving collagen and elastin. This is micellar water and there’s no gentler way to use micellar than with our velvety soft eco-friendly cleansing pads.

Product Description

Micellar Water- No ‘ordinary’ water.
An unapologetically sophisticated cleanser that purifies, tones and brightens skin with a simple swipe of a soaked cleansing pad.
Contains micronutrients from marine, fruit and plant extracts, that reduce oxidative stress, promote cellular repair, and prevent premature signs of age, awakening skin and reviving a lacklustre complexion. A smart melanin modulating active directly targets hyper-pigmentation, fading brown spots to even out skin tone. The alcohol free and fragrance free formulation means no skin tightness or dryness, just a fresh, bright and clean complexion that’s ready to effectively absorb the next product in your skincare regime.
Size : 130ml

Reusable Cleansing Pads
An eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to disposable wipes and cotton rounds that are manufactured in Australia with the deepest respect for our earth and its people.
Our pads are-
Made from at least 95% organic fibre
Free from harmful chemicals or dyes
Contain raw materials manufactured in mills that enforce strict social and environmental standards.

With antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties, these soft velvety pads are suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive of complexions.

1x Reusable calico drawstring bag
8x Reusable bamboo velour pads with hanging loop

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