Beauty Born of Confidence...

Claire Hill Australia is an anti-ageing skincare company that was born out of the belief that confidence is the essence of beauty.

We wholeheartedly believe that every woman should feel fantastic in her own skin ­because life is about making the most of what is uniquely you.

To help you feel beautiful with confidence, we created a science-based skincare line that offers a more natural, effective alternative to invasive treatments like botox.

Our goal at Claire Hill is to set a new standard in anti-ageing skincare and our mission is to be the most trusted anti-ageing skincare brand in Australia, based on our four founding principles:


Claire Hill products deliver a down-to-earth and realistic message to Australian women. Claire Hill is about confidence, feeling comfortable in your own skin and being the best possible version of yourself that you can be – at any age.

Our minimalistic packaging conveys understated elegance whilst our formulas proudly stand for what we believe in: ‘real’ beauty not perfection.


Claire Hill products don’t create miracles overnight, but we do know that they work. We’re committed to honesty in beauty, so we don’t try to impress you with a long list of actives. We stick to what science says your skin really needs- synergistic ingredients in the right concentrations to deliver results. Our formulations are free from unnecessary thickeners and fillers. We don’t add ingredients just because they are ‘natural’ as ‘natural’ is not always best. We don’t add fragrances, not even essential oils, because they can irritate skin. Nor do we add sunscreen, because it’s better to use it separately and we steer well clear of common skin irritants.


Our philosophy is simple: be confident in your unique beauty.

We don’t believe in aiming for perfection, and we don’t see age as a barrier to beauty. We simply believe in giving women the confidence to feel good in their own skin.

Our products are formulated to smooth, brighten, firm and plump all skin types.

To do so effectively, we’re all about transparency and explaining the efficacy behind each of our ingredients.

We use a combination of natural, naturally-derived and synthetic ingredients that are backed by thorough scientific research. For example, Hyanify™, is a brilliant fermented marine extract that is classed as synthetic because of the process it goes through to make it available to skin. We love this ingredient because it can plump up smile lines like no other (you’ll see up to 70.6% improvement after 28 days of use).

Our skincare works because of revolutionary science-backed ingredients like SNAP-8™, a peptide that has the power to smooth away fine lines by naturally relaxing the facial muscles. It’s so powerful that it can reduce wrinkle volume by 63% in just 28 days.


Claire Hill was originally created by Loretta Hill as a legacy to her daughter, Claire, in her quest to pass on an everlasting, timeless gift: beauty born out of confidence.

“There is nothing more beautiful than a woman with confidence. This precious gift of confidence in her own unique beauty, in feeling perfectly happy in her own skin, is the legacy I wish to leave for Claire and to share with generations of women all around the world.” – Loretta Hill

Drawing from her science background, Loretta created Claire Hill from high-quality active ingredients that are backed by research and deliver effective results in a way that is kind to skin.

Discover the power of beauty born out of confidence for yourself. The Claire Hill Duo is all you need to get started – it combines the power of two Australian products that work synergistically to deliver real, radiant results for all skin types.