Our Story

Claire Hill - Loretta Hill and Kim Nichols

Claire Hill is an Australian owned skincare company founded by Loretta Hill. Loretta created Claire Hill as a legacy to her daughter Claire, in her quest to pass on an everlasting, timeless gift: beauty born out of confidence.

Loretta’s sister Kim joined Claire Hill as company Director in 2021. Together the sisters are determined to make a positive impact and create change in an industry that has historically had a narrow view of what it means to be beautiful.

Loretta and Kim’s message to women:

A confident woman is a beautiful woman
An authentic life is a joyous life
We all have the right to age well
Age is NOT a barrier to beauty
Beauty has no expiration date

Confidence, courage and authenticity are the core of our being and weaved into everything we do. They are the essence of our identity and the reason for our existence.

We are beauty backed by science and inspired by confidence- so that you can become more of your beautiful self than ever before.
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