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Why We Believe In Healthy Skin at Every Age

For a really, really long time, the beauty industry has been fixated on anti-ageing. To a certain extent we understand why, as ageing indicates a decline in the skin’s overall health. But the entire ageing process is also completely normal. In fact, it’s a wonderful privilege that not everybody gets to experience. Growing older is an amazing thing because it allows us to have a full, happy life filled with adventure, experience and precious time spent with loved ones. 

The issue however, is when traditional notions of beauty are tied to looking youthful; when things like lines and wrinkles are deemed unattractive, rather than signs of a life well-lived. 

This has never been our belief at Claire Hill. Instead we embrace a positive attitude around ageing, and aim to champion healthy skin at all points in life. Our goal is to develop products that work to keep your complexion in optimal shape, whether you’re in your 20s, 50s or 80s. The aim has never been to stop the ageing process – because quite frankly, we can’t – but to protect, nourish and repair. 

With that being said however, modern life can take its toll on skin health, and factors like pollution, UV, blue light and stress can contribute to premature signs of damage. From accelerated wrinkles to sun-induced pigmentation, our formulas are made to work on a holistic level to protect and repair on a cellular level, so you can keep confident at every age. 

Read on for a few of our best tips to maintain healthy, radiant skin. 

Defend Against Environmental Stressors

As mentioned, environmental stressors like UV exposure and pollutants are a leading cause of skin damage, especially in a country like Australia. For this reason, it’s essential to protect your face during the day with antioxidants and sunscreen to prevent exasperated wrinkles, and pigmentation. A thorough cleanse at the end of the day is also important as it will remove dirt and debris, and other build-up. 

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Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

As we get older, our skin naturally produces less and less moisture, enhancing the look of lines, wrinkles and general skin vibrancy (not to mention, feelings of discomfort). To combat this, reach for serums, creams and oils that both replenish skin lipid and water levels to plump and soften immediately, and overtime. 

Try: S8-28 Moisturiser

Protect Your Collagen 

It’s completely natural for our collagen to break down as we age (which is why we gradually lose firmness), but environmental damage, as well as lifestyle factors like smoking can speed up the process. On a holistic level, ensure a healthy, balanced diet full of fresh produce, and get plenty of sleep. Daily sunscreen will work to protect existing collagen, while antioxidants like Vitamin C will encourage healthy reproduction.

Try: S8-28 Assist Serum

Care For The Delicate Eye Area

The eyes are one of the first areas to show signs of ageing as the skin is much thinner and lacks oil. Staring at screens all day doesn’t help, so keep the area nourished and cared for with a dedicated eye product. We love caffeine to tighten blood vessels and reduce the look of dark circles (great if you’ve had a few late nights), as well as squalane to plump up fine lines. 

Try: WPC Eye Complex

Amp Up Glow 

Radiance is a key marker of optimal skin health, but on days where you’re just not feeling like your best and brightest self, a little face oil can work wonders. Claire Hill Pro Glow Face Oil, blends proven plant ingredients like Kiwi Seed, Jojoba and Lapagyl to strengthen and soothe, and illuminate for both an instant boost and long-term benefits. 

Try: Claire Hill Pro Glow Face Oil


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