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What happens to skin when you ditch makeup

What happens to your skin when you go makeup free?

If there was anything positive to note during the pandemic lockdown, it has to be the extra time we suddenly had on our hands. Gone was the frantic dash to the office, the need to dress in your best (from waist-down at least!) and the arduous morning makeup routine. For the first time in a long time, our skin had a substantial chunk of time to just be itself, make-up free. 

Is skin happier without makeup?

Without a doubt! Makeup isn’t designed to be good for skin, it’s meant as a cover-up. Its occlusive nature means the skin can no longer do its job properly – skin is designed to react to the environment and adjust its natural oil production accordingly. Disrupting its everyday work can cause pores to clog and acne to flare. Makeup also has to be removed and, if done over-zealously, this strips the skin of its natural oils, exacerbating the problem further. 

Hang on, I broke out when I stopped wearing makeup.

As annoying as it is, that’s your skin going through a necessary recalibration period. Your skin is purging. Any kind of detox can cause a temporary imbalance but it’s usually short-lived – your skin just needs time to return to functioning in a healthy way. The best thing to do right now is to use a gentle cleanser and a nourishing moisturiser that’s loaded with antioxidants to help power your skin cells back to healthy.

How long does it take for skin to look better?

It takes around a month for fresh new skin cells to come to the surface, so going makeup free for at least 28 days is the best way to get your skin back to its ‘natural’ state. Four weeks of letting skin breath is the point where you’ll probably notice the biggest change – a smoother texture, less irritation, and a healthier flow of natural oils.

The longer you go sans makeup, the better your skin can regulate its temperature control, oil production, hydration levels and cell turnover – all of which leads to a healthier complexion in the long run.

If you suffer from sensitive conditions, such as rosacea, or you have regular acne flare-ups, there’s an added reason to go without makeup right there – aside from the potentially irritating ingredients in the makeup itself, the brushes can also harbour bacteria that will upset the natural biotic balance of your complexion.

Will my skin ever look radiant without makeup?

A healthy lifestyle, less stress and decent amounts of exercise will also make a difference but it’s fair to say, you might need to reconsider your skincare regimen if it’s still not happy after a month of being makeup-free. If your complexion is looking lacklustre, vitamin C should be your first port of call as it reduces inflammation, pigmentation and redness, and strengthens the capillaries. Kakadu plum is the absolute bomb – it has 100 times the vitamin C of oranges and is fast becoming the darling of skincare science.

Will going makeup-free improve my wrinkles?

Only visually, not structurally – powdery makeup and shimmery textures make wrinkles more obvious so going without makeup can actually make lines less visible. To really target wrinkles you need a hard-working ingredient like vitamin A, which prompts your skin cells to turn over faster. Traditional vitamin A (retinol) isn’t tolerated well by many skin types, but technology has given us clever alternatives. Our favourite is Stevisse, which also encourages collagen production, so skin looks plumper and firmer when used diligently in the long-term.

Why is my makeup-free skin still dry and dull?

First step, cleanse with a gentle micellar water so you’re not losing any natural oils from your skin. If your skin feels tight, it’s probably dehydrated – drink more water, use a serum with Hyanify™️ and a moisturiser with hyaluronic acid to improve the complexion’s moisture-holding ability. Then lock in that hydration boost with a moisturising ingredient, such as Provitamin B5 or rose canina oil. With the right moisture balance and a healthy skincare diet of antioxidants, phytosterols, peptides and amino acids, you should see a boost in skin luminosity – enough to rival the faux glow you once applied every morning.


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