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The secret to helping skin defy gravity

It may sound like wishful thinking, but you heard it here first: the skin care world now has a scientifically-backed peptide that can help coax your complexion into bouncing back from the downward pull of gravity. It goes by the name of Uplevity™.

Hang on, are you saying gravity makes skin sag?

It sure does and, unless you live on the moon, gravity is unavoidable. As Marilyn Monroe once famously quipped, “If you don’t fight gravity you sag.” Science backs the Hollywood siren’s statement with hard evidence: gravity is what keeps your feet on the ground but it’s constantly tugging everything else downwards too, including your skin. When you’re young that’s pretty A-OK – your skin is so choc-a-bloc with elastin and collagen that it’s strong enough to resist the constant pull of gravity. But once we hit our twenties, that strength starts to fade and, by the time we hit menopause, we have lost so much collagen and elastin that our complexion is no longer strong enough to resist gravity properly. So it starts to sag. 

So how can Uplevity help?

The universal law of gravity says that what goes up must come down – but science now says it doesn’t have to say there! If your complexion is losing its firmness, it’s a sign that your skin has lost its strength (AKA collagen fibres) and bouncy stretch (AKA elastin fibres). These proteins naturally start degrading as we get older so this is an entirely normal part of ageing, but there are things you can do to fight it, namely regaining more of these proteins to help skin look firmer and tighter again. Basically, the aim is to make your skin as strong as possible so that it can better resist the pull of gravity. 

Is it too late if my skin is already slackening?

Absolutely not! It’s never too late to take care of your skin. One study on women between 40 and 60 years showed that Uplevity™ had a visibly lifting and reshaping effect on the skin after just 56 days. For the over 50’s age group it had such a statistically significant effect on elastin and collagen induction that it took up to 9 years off their skin ‘age’. 

I can look years younger, just like that?!

You’ll need to use Uplevity™ twice a day religiously, but studies show that this clever peptide makes it possible to achieve a very visible difference in your skin if you’re worried about firmness. We’re excited about it too! In fact, we’re so impressed with the results that we have added it to our serum because that’s the best way to get an active ingredient deep into the skin where it can then work its magic. 

Is gravity the biggest factor in ageing?

Gravity is a constant factor (it never stops!), but ironically it actually helps keep us stay young in some ways too. Studies on astronauts have shown that, without that gravitational pull, the body doesn’t need to be as strong, so our muscles start to atrophy and the skin loses thickness and connective tissue. Ironically, no gravity actually accelerates ageing. So, ultimately, we need to hit that sweet spot between enough gravity to keep our strength (thanks Mother Earth) but not too much to drag us down (hello gravity-fighting Uplevity™). 

What else can I do to prevent saggy skin?

There are other factors involved in skin ageing, particularly UV exposure, poor diet and environmental extremes, which can all contribute to degrading collagen and elastin in the skin. Ingredients like Uplevity™ can make a visible difference but no single ingredient can do all the heavy lifting on its own.  Uplevity™ is a vital piece of the anti-ageing puzzle and should do its job alongside antioxidants (to fight free radical damage, which causes pigmentation and fine lines) and moisturising ingredients that add hydration and prevent moisture loss (to keep the skin’s protective barrier in tip top shape). 

How can I help my skin look youthful?

A healthy diet with adequate anti-oxidant rich vitamins (particularly vitamin C), healthy Omega fats (salmon and flaxseed are good sources) and plenty of daily H2O is essential to keep your organs, including your skin, functioning at its best. You’ll also need to be very sun aware, particularly if you live Downunder, so we recommend applying sunscreen separately after your moisturiser to ensure efficacy.

Where can I get a gravity-fighting serum?

Right here. We’ve got you covered!


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