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Top Summer Skincare Tips with Claire Hill

In today’s article, we are focusing on all things summer. We will dive into our top summer skincare tips, and cover everything from the importance of SPF and moisturising to hydrating from the inside out, and dealing with sunburn. If there is one article to read in anticipation of summer, this is it.

There’s nothing like the smell of summer in late spring; the whiff of longer, warmer days; the waft of someone else’s barbeque coming over the fence; the feeling of crispy, salty hair. 

The change in seasons may not elicit a visible response from your skin – unlike when the seasons change from winter to summer and the cold makes your skin suddenly shrivel up like the last helium balloon left after a party. But with summer comes more time spent outside and it’s worth considering how this may impact your skin.

Even if you don’t notice a change in your skin, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a range of things to consider to ensure your skin health during summer. Don’t worry – you don’t need to revamp your routine, just ensure you’re following a few of our summer beauty tips (that you could already be doing!) and consider incorporating some of our summer skincare products and glowy, summer skin will be all yours.

What’s our top seasonal skincare tip for the warmer months?

Regular and liberal use of sunscreen is the number one way to protect your skin, and wearing it all year round is key – both on the surface to reduce the appearance of fine lines, and to protect against deeper, long-term damage.  

With summer comes more time outside and this year, whether you’ve been in lockdown or not, it’s likely you’ve been inside more than usual and perhaps your skincare routine could do with a refresh. We’re here to help – and sunscreen is a great place to start.

Ideally, sun cream is already part of your everyday skincare routine, and if not, there’s no better time to start than in the warmer months. Try a barrier sunscreen; we like clean skincare brands that align with Claire Hill skincare’s values. Try Mother SPF whose SPF has all natural, hardworking ingredients. Like everything you put in or on your body, it’s important to do your research when choosing a sunscreen, as they may not be as natural as you’d like.

While it may be tempting to use a sunscreen that is combined with one of your other products –who has time for another step in their routine?- we recommend using a use stand-alone sunscreen. If adding another step to your routine feels overwhelming, consider the benefits of protecting your skin, both now and well in to the future. It’s current you, doing future you a big old favour.

Our final word on sunscreen; don’t let overcast days fool you – UV rays are persistent even when you can’t see or feel them. They will penetrate through grey skies. In fact, they may be even more intense as they can reflect off the clouds. Summer skincare tip: Wear sunscreen every day – whether you are going to be inside or outside, and reapply regularly.

I am worried about sunscreen making my skin oily!

We hear you – but natural sunscreen works hard to protect your skin, and if you effectively remove it at the end of each day the benefits far outweigh any clogging concerns. Your best strategy is to ensure that cleansing your skin is integral to your routine – ideally, twice a day and if you are wearing makeup, do a double cleanse.

More time outside in summer means our skin deals with far more pollutants than during the cooler months when we are snuggled inside. Including a gentle cleanser in your routine is essential for your summer skin, and during the warmer months. This, coupled with an exfoliator, will make sure that your skin starts and ends the day fresh.  

Summer skincare tip: Micellar water is the perfect way to clean your skin; it sweeps away grime-including your sunscreen-while leaving your skin’s natural oils in place to do their important work. There are many benefits of micellar water; it’s light, hydrating and kindly exfoliates the skin. It fades signs of ageing like hyper-pigmentation and preserves your skin’s collagen and elastin.

Claire Hill reusable cleansing pads are perfect for year round use; they are organic and free from harmful chemicals and dyes. Not to mention, they are reusable and so planet friendly too.

Can I go without moisturiser in summer?  

A fair question. Summer skin deals with a lot more moisture than in winter– you’re wearing sunscreen and you are sweating more – so it can seem counterproductive to add more moisture to your face, especially if you already have oily skin.

But did you know that dehydrated skin can lead to more oil production and so cause breakouts?

It makes sense to swap to a lighter moisturiser in summer. Just like we ditch our heavy winter coat, our skin can ditch heavy occlusives, but keep up that moisturising routine – it is as essential in summer as it is in winter.

Lightweight, fast-absorbing moisturisers provide essential skin hydration as well as the antioxidants that your skin needs to feel plump and happy in the summer months. Summer skincare tip: Combine your moisturiser with a serum, which by nature are light and fast-absorbing, is the ultimate two-punch skincare combo. You’ll find the perfect duo on the Claire Hill shop page.

Hydrate for healthy skin from the inside out

It’s no secret that healthy skin comes from the inside out and drinking lots of water becomes especially important during the summer months when our bodies lose more liquid from sweating. Any well-formulated summer skincare routine must include high levels of hydration. Logically, it is just as important to consider what we put in our body, as what we put on it.

All of the good summer stuff – like salt from the sea, and that delicious feeling of sun on your (well sun cream protected) face – can cause dehydration. And if your skin is dehydrated, you may notice dark circles under your eyes, a shallow, a sunken appearance and sometimes, increased oil production which ultimately, can lead to acne.

A dehydrated complexation will also highlight fine lines and wrinkles. We are not anti-wrinkle, but we like the kind that comes from smiling non-stop after a day at the beach, not the kind that comes from not drinking enough water after a day at the beach.

Drinking lots of water is a non-negotiable in our skincare books. Summer skincare tip: Make it easy for yourself, buy yourself a cute, reusable water bottle and carry it everywhere with you in the summertime.

What should I do if I do get sunburnt?

We’re all human – sunburn happens, especially in the Australian climate when the best defence is sometimes not enough. It’s tough to make sure we are reapplying sunscreen regularly (every two to three hours is recommended), wearing a hat, chasing the shade, and still doing all the things we love.

If by chance you do get sunburnt, treat it quickly. We suggest a cool, damp compress over the skin to draw out heat (although do not apply ice directly to the skin – as refreshing as it may feel, it’ll do more harm than good).

Sunburn is essentially the worst kind of dehydration for your skin so you want to quickly and efficiently restore moisture. Follow the compress with a fine, watery serum (perhaps our S8-28 Assist). We’d suggest one that is full of soothing and hydrating ingredients like Native Australian Kakadu Plum that will replenish and hydrate the skin.

Summer skincare tip: When treating sunburn avoid skincare products with fragrances (there’s a reason that the entire Claire Hill skincare range is fragrance free), and occlusive creams as they can flare up the damage.

While sunburn and sunspots aren’t the same, they are both synonymous with summer skin so it would be remiss of us not to mention them here. Towards the end of summer, you may notice your skin has developed some additional dark spots. If these worry you, we’d suggest using a micellar water that directly targets brown and age spots, via a melanin modulating active ingredient – such as Algaktiv LightSKN.

So there you have it; if you sunscreen, hydrate and moisturise your way through the warmer months you’ll find that natural, summer glow comes as easily as the smell of the neighbour’s barbeque wafting over your back fence.


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