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At Home with Loretta Hill

There are few things as intimate as the spaces we live in.

Symbolically, perhaps, our interiors reflect an inner world exposed externally – a landscape through which we have and continue to travel where much of our interests, our experience and our taste culminate environmentally to create our own sense of place. These, we tend to, we care for, we maintain.

Telling a similar story – of our joys, our defeats, our pleasures, our pain – our skin is yet another more permanent home we inhabit: a vehicle for the narrative of where we have been and where we are going.

In conversation at home with company Claire Hill founder, we hear how Loretta Hill chose to answer the question – how science and sentiment converged to create a new standard in skincare and legacy to leave to her daughter, Claire.

With everything, there’s a moment where inspiration is realised and acted upon, where we move from an idea to execution. What was the inspiration behind Claire Hill Australia? When did you know it was more than idea but something unique, even revolutionary, in the skincare industry?

I’m a strong believer in education and have always tried to impart to my children that the key to a successful life is through learning. Success for many is about being financially stable, building assets and occupational status. But for me success is more about a feeling rather than something tangible. It’s about being a kind soul, caring for others and making a difference for the better. It’s also about confidence. There is growing evidence which demonstrates that success correlates just as closely with confidence as it does with competence. This is where I draw my inspiration from. I want women to feel confident and empowered and to be successful. I want women to know that ‘real beauty is born out of confidence’.

Women these days use many different tools to help them enhance their natural beauty and cosmetic shops are full of products that make all sorts of claims. Some of my friends have gone a step further and injected harmful toxins into their bodies to achieve the ‘perfect’ look. I wasn’t prepared to do that and nor would I want my daughter thinking that this is something that she would need to do one day in order to look good and feel good about herself. So, I began to do my own research, drawing from my science and nursing background to formulate my own Australian made products using high quality active ingredients that are backed by scientific research. I wanted my products to speak for themselves and to deliver results in a way that is kind to our bodies. I want my daughter to know that women are strong, resilient and worth it. And it is this legacy that I leave to Claire.

How has growing up in the Australian sun, influenced your understanding and awareness of the importance of skin care and a good skin care regime?

Australia is one of the worlds sunniest countries. Our close proximity to the equator brings many clear, blue sky days. However less cloud cover and a compromised ozone layer means that Australians experience some of the highest levels of UV radiation in the world. UV overexposure leads to premature facial ageing, such as wrinkles and fine lines. A good skin care regime is therefore vital, not only to combat much of this damage but to prevent further damage from occurring.

How does Claire Hill depart from more extreme and invasive anti-aging treatments?

The quest for beauty is a timeless one. The social pressures facing young women today is greater than ever before. Digital media and social networking platforms have fueled women’s obsession with obtaining the perfect look. For many women this means subjecting themselves to procedures such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, anti-wrinkle injections, fillers, plastic surgery……the list goes on.

For me beauty is about confidence and women feel most confident when they are looking their best. This does not mean changing the way you look but rather making the most of what nature has given you. Claire Hill is about enhancing natural beauty through non-invasive methods that are kind to our bodies yet deliver results. Beauty is about looking and feeling ‘great’ rather than ‘fake’. Our products do not produce overnight miracles but we know they work. We use the highest quality active ingredients which are backed by scientific research and as such we at Claire Hill can proudly stand by our claims.

You’ve spoken about leaving your daughter a legacy. How important was it to create something that would benefit women now and in the future?

My daughter attends an all girls’ school where girls are encouraged to believe in themselves and live lives of impact and purpose. I agree wholeheartedly with this sentiment and feel that self-confidence lies at the crux of this notion. As such I wanted to do something for and with my daughter that could help build a woman’s confidence and in turn the confidence of all women to come. After all, nothing is more beautiful than a confident woman.


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