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A self-care Christmas gift guide for year round rituals

Isn’t it the most wonderful time of the year! Even more wonderful this year with much of the world – definitely our home, Australia – easing out of the depths of the pandemic; things feel even more joyful than usual.

As we approach the festive season, and begin to plan our gifting, inevitably we face the age old Christmas conundrum: what do you get for someone who has everything? This blog is going to guide you through some of our favourite Christmas gifts for women, with a particular focus on self-care and wellbeing.

Of course, we will start with some premium anti-ageing skincare suggestions (it’s what we know best!) and continue on to our favourite Australian self-care gifts – with a particular focus on gifts that focus on cultivating self-care routines –  from candles, to active wear, to things that nourish both your body, and your soul. You can use this to search for Christmas gifts for your mum, or wife or bestie or you can use it as a guide to self-care for you!


Skincare rituals that promote self-care

Claire Hill Australia should be at the top of anyone’s list of self-care gifts for her – it’s certainly at the top of ours.

For a lot of the women in our lives, skin care can feel like an indulgence or something that they don’t have time or money to invest in. Premium Australian skincare is a beautiful gift as it not only provides its recipient with glowing skin but also the chance to take ten minutes at the beginning and end of each day for themselves.

By gifting Claire Hill Australia premium anti-ageing skincare you are encouraging the woman in your life to create a daily ritual for herself while also looking after her skin. It’s a double dose of Christmas spirit.

Our favorite Claire Hill micellar water is a lovely place to start if your giftee is new to Claire Hill Australia products. You can read up on the benefits it provides here. The anti-ageing Claire Hill wpc eye complex gel is soothing and cooling; a lovely thing to use to create or add to a skin care routine.

Claire Hill products are all available online. With the postman working extra hard this year (we see you COVID) make sure you order before the 19th December Australia wide*, the 13th dec for Perth and Darwin. 05th Dec for international shipping to receive your skincare in time for Christmas!  


Creating rituals

Humans are creatures of habit – they allow us a sense of safety and security and routines also give our brains a break from decision making, to think about more important things like whether or not that new pair of shoes we ordered are going to arrive in time for the Christmas party.

You can take self-care gifts to the next level by gifting things that encourage self-care rituals; routines that you do purely for yourself that feel a little bit luxurious. Most of us are awful at taking time for ourselves – life is busy – and empowering your friends and family to develop self-care rituals is one of the best gifts you can give.

Candles are the pinnacle of self-care gifts for her. They are luxuriously decadent in that they serve no other purpose than to provide a beautiful scent and the opportunity to take the time to enjoy it. If we were writing how-to guide to self-care book, candles would likely take up a whole chapter.

We love burning a candle as we do our nightly skin care routine; combining Claire Hill Australian skincare and a candle might just be the ultimate combo Christmas gift for the woman in your life, especially if you’re unsure about what you get someone who likes self-care. We love Love Ally candles for their timeless sculptural beauty.


Gifting rituals for health

A key pillar of self-care and wellbeing is eating well. This means different things for everyone, and we truly believe that what you put in your body is just as important as the skincare that you put on it. Self-care around food means creating mealtime rituals to ensure that you are eating mindfully; for us, this means wholesome food and no screens at the table.

We also know that amongst the busyness of daily life, healthy eating can be challenging. When you’re considering the best Christmas gifts for women, a healthy meal subscription is another way to encourage self-care.

There are meal kits for every taste – you can find some that come totally prepared, others that require some chopping and cooking.

Amongst the many available options, some we love are:

·   Soloura: totally vegan and totally delicious

·   Hello Fresh: this one requires some cooking, but without the effort of planning shopping.

Recipe books are often on our list of Christmas gifts for mum but whether or not the person you are shopping for is an avid cook, cookery books can do more than just provide recipes; they might inspire them to try and cook something new, or eat less meat or perhaps finally host that post-COVID dinner party.

Even though the borders are now open, there is still so much to see and do in our own backyard. Cookery books that focus on native Australian cuisine – like this one – are a great way to prepare delicious food that is better for the Australian environment, is more sustainable and celebrates the amazing ingredients that are truly local. It would also look great on their bookshelf.

Some others we can’t go past; Australia’s Native Creative Cuisine is a great choice, and we love Flavours of Australia by Smudge Publishing. Although not technically a cookbook, this book features 500 pages of stunning photography and unique stories about the best places to eat and drink throughout Australia. 


The gift of movement

We’ve discovered recently that having a great outfit to workout in makes you far more likely to get out and move your body. If you’re still wondering, what do you get someone who has everything then active wear is your answer.

Firstly, you can never have too much of it. Active wear is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe and we can now all admit that we aren’t always doing yoga in our yoga pants – owning the full gamut of active wear colour and style options would be a Christmas miracle; there are so many options. Add to their active wear collection with a new colour or style – we guarantee they’ll be grateful.

And secondly, active wear is a practical gift in that it encourages both self-care and wellbeing. While the festive season brings parties and indulgence, it’s also a time when people are hoping to cultivate new habits for the new year. By giving self-care gifts you’re helping them nail their healthy new year’s resolutions, while looking great at the same time.

We love Australian active wear brand Nimble – it’s made from recycled water bottles! And The Upside for their unexpected colours, prints and their initiatives to bring lasting and meaningful change to the world we live in. If you’re still stuck, Active Truth, is an ethical Brisbane based brand that caters for all shapes, sizes and stages of life. It’s a great one for new Mum’s looking for active wear that flatters their changed bodies.

We hope that our self-care gifts guide provided you with some inspiration for Christmas gifts for women in your life, especially those who seemingly have everything! And indeed perhaps it’s provided you with a guide to self-care practices that you can cultivate as we head into the festive season and into the new year.  


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