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10 simple life hacks for beautiful skin

If you’re already doing all the right things (think cleansing and moisturising with science-backed products), but your skin is still lacking that elusive glow, it’s time to look beyond the bottle. While it’s tempting to add to your skincare arsenal, all you’ll end up with is a bulging bathroom cabinet and extra credit card debt. Your skin doesn’t need more product, but it might well need one of these dead set brilliant life hacks:

1. An extra pillow

If you wake up with puffy eyes and can’t blame it on one too many Martini’s the night before, it might just be plain old gravity playing tricks on you. Fluid builds up in your facial tissue while you’re lying down and puffiness is the side effect. The best remedy? Adding an extra pillow under your head to prevent fluid building up in the first place.

2. Get Physical

Channel your inner Olivia Newton John and bring back the sweat band as you get physical. It’s an easy way to prevent residue from products (here’s lookin’ at you dry shampoo) from sliding down on to your face as you sweat during a workout. In fact, if ever you’re spritzing anything into your hair, it’s wise to cover your face with a clean towel so that your skin isn’t soaking it up too.

3. Wipe your screen

If you get unexplained breakout, it could be because you’re spending too much time on the ‘gram (or whatever you’re scrolling through in your spare time). Phones are riddled with bacteria, which can unwittingly end up on your face if you’re not hand washing like a surgeon after scrolling, so wipe them regularly with an anti-bac wipe to nix those nasty germs. While you’re at it, do the doorknobs and computer keyboard too!

4. Sunny days

The right eye wear (sunnies for bright days, glasses for reading…) do more than take the pressure off your peepers, they also help prevent crow’s feet caused by squinting (yep, that’s a thing).

5. Go dancing

A night out with the girls isn’t just good for the soul, it’s also great for your complexion. Sweating is a natural way to cleanse the body of toxins, and exercise is well known to improve your skin because it boosts blood flow to your largest organ. Who knew getting your glow on could be so much fun?!

6. Pillow talk

Getting your nightly eight hours is essential for happy skin but the devil is in the detail peeps: skin is constantly rejuvenating at night, which means it’s also shedding the cells it no longer needs in order to build new ones. Those dead cells build up on (you guessed it) your pillowcase, providing a happy breeding ground for bacteria. Change your pillowcase every week and your skin will thank you.

7. Shampoo your face

Weird, right? But such a good trick if the skin on your face is constantly flaky. Remember, your facial skin is the very same skin that’s on your head, so a good anti-dandruff shampoo can work the same magic on your face as on your scalp. It gently balances the natural yeast levels which, when out of whack, cause dry flaky skin.

8. Face up

A good derm can usually spot which side you sleep on by the lines on your face. If you’re prone to face planting the pillow or sleeping on your side, you’re basically ironing wrinkles into your skin while you snooze. Try sleeping on your back instead. If your hair doesn’t love that position, switch to a silk pillow slip to prevent tangling and frizz.

9. Brush Strokes

If you use makeup brushes, even just once in a while, be aware that they harbour bacteria. Make a habit of washing brushes with shampoo once a fortnight, but avoid getting the metal part of the handle wet as it can soften the glue and make the bristles fall out. Lay the brushes on their side with the bristles hanging off the end of the bathroom counter so they can fully dry.

10. Spot on

 If you wake up with an angry red pimple, head to the freezer. Icing a zit can help calm inflammation, reducing the visibility and, if you’re lucky, even the size of the spot.


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